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Pterygium Surgery

All the support you need for your Pterygium Surgery

Dr Ryan is a highly experienced eye surgeon with extensive experience across a range of eye operations and procedures. His expertise spans from straightforward cataract operations to complex glaucoma procedures. You’ll feel well supported by Dr Ryan’s methods throughout each stage of the process – from the thorough answering of questions through to the surgery and follow-up appointments.

Pterygium removal is often recommended early before the growth extends across vision. Having eye struggles can cause anxiety, but the eye-care team will ensure the patient is well cared for from start to finish.

The goal of pterygium surgery is to remove the pterygium, which may be causing discomfort or vision problems.

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Are you struggling with Pterygium?

A pterygium is a benign growth that overlays the white of the eye, sometimes encroaching over the clear window of the eye (the cornea). Patients will often describe a red eye and usually experience irritation. We recommend surgical removal before it grows across your vision. 

If you wish to have an assessment of your pterygium or another related eye condition, get in touch with the team at Dr Geoffrey Ryan to organise your appointment.

Dr Ryan is an experienced eye surgeon with advanced training

You’ll feel comfortable under Dr Ryan’s care. With extensive experience and advanced training that encompasses both simple and more complex procedures, you can feel confident trusting Dr Ryan with your care.

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The latest surgical techniques to prevent a recurrence

Once your pterygium is removed, you won’t want it to reoccur. Dr Ryan uses the latest in modern surgical techniques to prevent the recurrence of the growth and to maximise the cosmetic result. One part of this surgical technique involves the use of a conjunctival graft, which will be secured in place using a blood-based glue product. 

This avoids the need for sutures and improves your comfort following the procedure.

During your initial assessment appointment, we’ll go into more detail on what to expect during the surgery, including answering any questions you may have.

Why trust Dr Ryan with your Pterygium Surgery?

Sutureless pterygium surgery

Enjoy a more comfortable procedure and recovery with a sutureless surgery. We use blood-based glue to avoid using sutures.

Emphasis on prevention of recurrence

It’s important to us that your pterygium doesn’t recur. We use the latest surgical techniques to reduce the likelihood of recurrence of your pterygium.

Highly experienced surgeon

Dr Ryan has advanced training in corneal and external diseases, translating to a highly experienced surgeon to perform your pterygium operation.

An equal focus on the cosmetic outcome

We place your safety and quality of life in high regard, however, we know the cosmetic outcome is important too, so we keep our focus on this as well.

You’ll understand your procedure

Pterygium surgery can be daunting. Dr Ryan will explain your condition and procedure to you clearly, helping you calm any fears and understand your procedure ahead of time.

Important things to know

Don’t worry — you don’t have to remember all of this. You will be provided with a detailed handout with all the aftercare information following your surgery.

Pterygiums are caused by UV damage to the ocular surface tissue.

Following the procedure, it’s recommended you wear sunglasses to prevent further UV damage to the eyes.

Compliance with post-operative eye drops is crucial for preventing recurrence and ensuring no residual eye redness.

About Dr Geoffrey Ryan

Dr Geoffrey Ryan is a highly qualified and experienced doctor, working across both public and private sectors. Predominantly working from the Queensland Eye Institute, he makes an active effort to explain the procedure, potential options and what they mean in easy-to-understand language to each patient.

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Our Pterygium FAQs

A pterygium is an abnormal growth of conjunctival tissue overlying the cornea. Sometimes, these growths can spread and cause vision issues, which is why it’s important to get them assessed when they appear. They can also cause mild eye irritation.

It is believed that pterygium is caused by exposure to environmental factors such as dust and particles, wind, and ultraviolet light. Pterygium is also called Surfer’s Eye, due to it often developing from sunny and windy conditions. It tends to grow from the inner corner of the eye, towards the centre.

Approximately one in 100 Australians will develop a pterygium during their lifetime. It’s a relatively common affliction that affects many Australians.

Generally, pterygium will not go away on its own. However, not all pterygium will spread and begin causing vision issues. When you organise an appointment with us, Dr Geiffrey Ryan will make an assessment on whether or not your pterygium removal is required.

As soon as there is any risk of the tissue encroaching on the visual axis, a pterygium requires surgical excision. Other indications include recurrent pain, irritation, or redness that does not settle with lubricant eye drops.

The cost of pterygium surgery will differ depending on a number of factors, including the size and placement of the pterygium. Dr Ryan will be able to provide a more accurate cost estimate about pterygium surgery costs after meeting you and making an assessment of your condition.

We take every precaution to prevent the pterygium recurrence. We use the latest surgical techniques to prevent recurrence and optimise your eye’s cosmetic appearance. A conjunctival graft is incorporated into the surgical site to reduce the risk of recurrence to just a 3% chance. Dr Ryan is happy to discuss any fears you may have about recurrent pterygium before your surgery.

Of course, it’s absolutely normal and reasonable to experience these emotions prior to any surgical procedure. Important points to consider are:

A pterygium operation comes with very low risk.

The anaesthetist will give you medication to sedate you for the procedure and it is very common for patients to sleep during the entire operation. Dr Ryan is happy to discuss any concerns you have prior to the operation, including thorough explanations of surgical treatment, procedures and techniques.

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