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Cataract, Cornea & Glaucoma Surgeon 

Dr Geoffrey Ryan - Brisbane's Leading Ophthalmologist

Dr Geoffrey Ryan is a leading eye surgeon in Brisbane with more than a decade of experience treating eye disease, cataracts, glaucoma, and corneal conditions.

Cataract Surgery

Restore your vision with cataract surgery. Our patients with cataracts suffer from clouded lenses in their eyes. This surgery sees Dr Ryan remove that cloudy lens and replace it with a clear, artificial lens, restoring your vision.

Refractive Surgery

Restore your vision and clarity while removing the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. Our options include PRK surgery or Lasik laser eye surgery, implantable contact lenses, or cataract surgery.


Dr Ryan provides comprehensive glaucoma care. This includes medical, laser, and surgical treatment options.

Pterygium Surgery

Dr Ryan treats and cares for Pterygiums. This condition can cause recurrent pain and irritation that indicates pterygium surgery is necessary, especially if it causes risk to your sight.


Our clinic treats and manages Keratoconus. Dr Ryan performs a Corneal Crosslinking procedure, which has revolutionised keratoconus treatment.

Corneal Conditions

Once a corneal condition has progressed and has caused clouding or deformity of the cornea, it's important that it's treated properly.

Dr. Geoffrey Ryan is a specialist in Glaucoma & Corneal Conditions.

Operating out of the Queensland Eye Institute, Dr Geoffrey Ryan is an eye surgeon who specialises in Glaucoma and Corneal conditions. He’s completed additional education and training in some of the most prestigious hospitals and universities, such as Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, to solidify his knowledge across these specialties. 

Dr Ryan now shares his extensive knowledge with the next generation of eye surgeons at the University of Queensland.

Book your Refractive Surgery consultation online.

Are you ready to take the next step and book your Refractive Surgery consultation? You can now book your consultation with Dr Geoffrey Ryan online. Simply follow the prompts, and we will see you at your appointment.

Book Refractive Assessment

Book your assessment with a specialised optometrist to find out if you are suitable for refractive surgery.

Your Trusted Eye Surgeon

Glaucoma & Corneal Specialist

Dr Geoffrey Ryan is an expert in Glaucoma and Corneal conditions. Having trained extensively in both, he's a renowned Brisbane eye specialist surgeon for their related procedures, such as corneal transplant surgery and trabeculectomy.

Trained in QLD & Internationally

A good educational foundation is essential for an eye surgeon. Dr Ryan has trained both here in Queensland and internationally in prestigious organisations.

Operating Theatre On-Site

Come along to your consultation here at the Queensland Eye Institute. You'll get a clear idea of where your operation will take place and feel comfortable ahead of your surgery.

A leading clinic, backed by research

Dr Ryan operates out of the Queensland Eye Institute. This institute is renowned for leading clinical research in the treatment of eye conditions.

Southside & Northside Locations

You can attend your consultation at either of the Queensland Eye Institute locations in South Brisbane or Clayfield in the north. All operations are performed from our South Brisbane location.

Supportive, Transparent Surgeon

Dr Ryan is passionate about supporting patients. A successful operation starts at your consultation, continues through the surgical management stage of your procedure, and ends after you've fully recovered. We're all about ensuring you feel safe and comfortable the entire time.

State of the art operating equipment

Our successful surgery outcomes are underpinned by Dr Ryan's knowledge and skill. QEI's state of the art operating equipment ensures precision as we treat your eyes.

A decade operating

We know eye surgery is daunting. You can rest assured with Dr Ryan who has more than a decade of experience in eye surgery and is constantly developing his skills and knowledge.

We accept all health fund providers. We do what we can to keep the gap low — you'll always know the price.

How it works

Step one


Visit your GP or optometrist to get a referral to Dr Ryan.

You will need a referral to attend an appointment  or consultation with Dr Ryan.

Step two


Come along to your consultation. You should bring any relevant documents you have. Dr Ryan will explain your condition and any necessary procedures thoroughly here.

Step three


You’ll attend day surgery at the QEI with Dr Ryan. 

You can rest assured Dr Ryan will have run you through everything you need to know by this stage.

Or call us on (07) 3239 5000

Frequently Asked Questions

The large range of eye conditions and surgeries available can leave a lot of unknowns, we know. Below are some of our frequently asked questions, but you can visit our FAQ page to view more.

You can call the Queensland Eye Institute on (07) 3239 5000 and speak to the reception team to arrange a time and date to see Dr Ryan.

For questions about making or managing an appointment, send an enquiry with the QEI .

Yes, having a valid referral letter from your GP or optometrist ensures that the reception team can process your Medicare rebate. 

Yes, our Woolloongabba location has parking on-site. This car park is independently run and has associated fees.

Each patient receives a fee schedule prior to their consultation including the eligible Medicare rebate associated with the service. Any patient requiring surgery will be notified of any out-of-pocket costs prior to their operation. 

Yes, many patients choose to self-fund their medical care. Dr Ryan performs a high volume of cataract surgeries for patients without health insurance who prefer the convenience and expertise of the private system. Each patient is given a detailed quote regarding out-of-pocket expenses. No patient will ever feel obligated to proceed with an operation they can not afford.  

Doctor performing an eye exam on a patient

An eye surgeon who supports you through the process

Patient care is at the forefront of our service. Providing high-quality operating facilities with state of the art equipment is important to us. Ensuring you understand your condition, the procedure we’re completing, and that we’ve taken the time to walk you through it all is our biggest priority, though.

Dr Ryan always explains your condition and operation to you in a simple, straightforward manner. It's about ensuring you feel comfortable and in the know at every stage.

Patient Information & Forms

Find everything you need ahead of your consultation or operation via our Patient Information page.

Find everything you need on our Patient Information page.

Patient signing papers in a medical office

Find everything you need on our Patient Information page.

The Eye Care Corner

How much is cataract surgery in Brisbane if I don’t have private health insurance? 

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