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Difference Between LASIK and PRK Surgery? 

LASIK eye surgery

This article will examine the difference between LASIK and PRK. If you’ve been told that you are a candidate for vision correction surgery, chances are you have heard of both options. But what is the difference between them? Both procedures use lasers to reshape your cornea and improve your vision, but the way they go about it is slightly different. Let’s break down the differences between LASIK and PRK surgery. 

The Procedure Process 

The first major difference between LASIK and PRK is in the actual procedure itself. During a traditional LASIK procedure, a thin flap is cut into your eye with a laser before reshaping your cornea with a second laser beam. With PRK, no flap is created because only one laser beam is used to reshape your cornea without cutting into it at all. The entire process takes about 20 minutes from start to finish and requires little more than numbing eyedrops before beginning; no needles or anaesthesia is required! 

Figure 1. LASIK
Figure 2. PRK

Recovery Time 

In terms of recovery time, there is also a slight discrepancy between these two procedures. Post-LASIK patients typically experience little discomfort after surgery and can resume most activities within 24 hours of their procedure. On the other hand, post-PRK patients will have discomfort as well as blurry vision during recovery which will last a few days until the front surface of the eye heals. 


  • Quicker recovery
  • Less discomfort in the post operative period

Why PRK?

  • No flap of tissue is created which means safer for people who play contact sports.
  • Often an alternative in people not suitable for LASIK e.g thin cornea.

A higher standard of care for eye conditions.

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